“Inklinant”s - a tragic story

Another group of people that left the valley and Tyrol as a whole were the protestants of the region, who were called “Inklinant”s at the time. Their migration, however, was much less of a voluntary venture, and much more of a permanent arrangement. As the decree of tolerance issued in 1781, which had guaranteed non-catholic communities religious freedom, was abolished in Tyrol, these people became fugitives due to their religious beliefs. After a long uphill battle, in 1837, approximately 440 protestants from the Zillertal gave in and packed their bags to emigrate to Prussian Silesia where they founded the “colony of faith Zillertal”. In 1945, a new chapter was added to this tragic story: the colony had to flee from the incoming Red Army and  scattered into all directions of the wind. Only few have returned to their first exile since. 

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