Music is an integral part of everyday life

A significant part of the valley‘s international fame certainly can be attributed to its music. Many of the Zillertal‘s inhabitants consider it their duty to foster and pass on the region‘s folklore. They show this by proudly wearing their traditional attire at every festive occasion, and also by teaching and performing  the old folk songs and related musical traditions. Starting in 1820, the singers‘ association of the Rainers from Fügen had been introducing the region‘s folk songs, dances, and attires throughout five continents. They kept doing so for almost one hundred years. One particularly famous example is the Christmas carol “Silent Night”. Lesser known but nonetheless equally authentic Tyrolean folk songs include “Im Tiroler Landl ist das Zillertal”, “Im Zillertal”, “Pinzgau, da machens groa.e Kas”, and “Im Tux im schian Tal”. The Zillertalers‘ musical inclination still today is an integral part of everyday life in the region. There‘s hardly one beer garden or other premise without regular musical events, big or small, either planned or impromptu out of the pure joy of making music.

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