The Zillertal doubles as a natural reserve.

The Zillertal doubles as a natural reserve.
Depending on factors like altitude, exposure, geological properties, and the specific location‘s history, a broad diversity of biotopes with each their own flora and fauna can be found
here. A considerable part of the Zillertal is covered in glaciers, which have been shaping the landscape since forever.
Thus, there are remainders of gray alder forests – such as by the Schwemmalm pasture in the Zemmgrund valley – and many mountain slopes are covered in spruce forests or mixed spruce and fir woods. At higher altitudes, these transform into Swiss Pine forests. Another prominent feature of the landscape are the alpine meadows with their highly diverse flora. The vegetation of the sub-alpine belt consists of dwarf shrubs, alpine roses, and bilberry and blueberry bushes. In close proximity of brooks and springs, small areas of mossy spring
plots and fens are found. Above the timberline and the dwarf shrub belt, alpine grassland as well as pioneer plants dominate a sizeable zone that‘s doped with rocks and rubble. Further up into the rocks and rubble belt and the forefronts of the glaciers, the vegetation starts breaking up, as only lichens and cushion plants can prosper in these conditions. Only few other survival artists such as the glacier crowfoot, rockfoils and green algae (in a glowing red, ironically), which cause the so-called “blood snow”!

Many of the peculiarities of the landscape such as the cirque lakes (e.g., the Schwarzsee at 2,472 m, or the Friesenbergsee at 2,490 m), the Brandberger Kolm as the only limestone area of the Zillertal, the protected “Glocke” area at Finkenberg as well as the glacier forefronts offer the botanically inclined plenty of fascinating opportunities for discovery.

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