„Zillertal du bist mei Freud,

da hab´n die Madln saggrisch Schneid,

da gibt‘s Gamslang zu derjåg‘n,

schiane Diandlang zu derfråg‘n,

Zillertal du bist mei Freud […]“

… it is with these sparse words from an old folk song that the name Zillertal has been spread throughout the world on many occasions. Zillertal – a mere 40 kilometers east of Innsbruck, this valley extends from the Inntal, near Jenbach. 


At Strass, the first city of the Zillertal, the Ziller River – a headstream originating from the glacial stream of the Zillertal Alps at the border to South Tyrol and Salzburg – enters the decelerating Inn River as its tributary. Until the 16th century, the intersection of the Bavarian, the Tyrolean, and the Salzburgean dominions was located here. That border is still visible today, as it is here that the Ziller River peacefully separates the diocese of Innsbruck – formerly Brixen – from the diocese of Salzburg. This shows in the colors of the church spires: those lefthand of the Ziller shine in red, those righthand shine in green, signifying their affiliation with the Salzburg archdiocese. The Zillertal is the widest, most fertile, southernmost and at the same time the most prominent  valley of Tyrol. With a total area of approx. 1,098 km. – i.e., one ninth of the entire Tyrol region – it truly forms the heart of Tyrol. Along 32 kilometers, the valley extends from North to South in virtually one straight line. In contrast to other, tributary valleys of Tyrol, the Zillertal Valley contains no plateau shifts and instead rises just moderately from Strass (at 523 m) to Mayrhofen (at 633 m) where the valley splits up into the Tux, the Zemmgrund, the Stillupgrund, and the Zillergrund valleys. (Those smaller spring valleys are commonly identified as “Grund”s instead of “Tal”s.) The northern part of the valley branches  into the uninhabited M.rzengrund, the Finsinggrund, and, at Zell am Ziller, into the Gerlostal.

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