Agriculture and Economy

Agriculture, to this day, is one of the main economic foundations for the people in the valley. To this date, grassland farming including dairy and meat production, along with corn cultivation and alpine farming plays an important role. This is also due to efforts to preserve and propagate the region‘s traditional way of life in spite of the growing importance of the tourism industry. Successful efforts, as the tourist appeal of the region originates to a large degree precisely from that authentic, rural lifestyle hightlighting the Zillertal‘s splendid, lavish nature: the lush green mountain pastures, the grassland, the deep forests, the magnificent rocks and waterfalls. The 19th century‘s naturalism and the alpinism connected to it were the initial impulse for the region‘s alpine tourism that has been on the rise perpetually since. Thus, the Zillertal became the “cradle” of modern alpine mountaineering. At first, local mountain guides were indispensible, but it didn‘t take long for German and British mountaineers to become Zillertal experts themselves. There are still some mountaineer shelters remaining from that time. Systematic development of the Zillertal for largescale winter tourism started in 1949, when the ski tow was built in Hintertux and Lanersbach, with another big boost in 1953/1954, when the Penkenbahn was raised in Mayrhofen. In order to provide all the amenities tourists would expect, a more extensive power grid became necessary, which lead power supply enterprises to investigate into the enormous hydropower potential of the Zillertal, investing gigantic sums into building dams and hydropower plants. This included the Gerloskraftwerke at Zell, the B.sdornau plant in Mayrhofen, and the Zemmkraftwerke, along with the Schlegeis annual reservoir plant and the Stillup power storage facility. All these facilities are easy to reach by car.

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